Europe’s largest digital payment service provider

Europe’s largest digital payment service provider is now going gold

The Worldline company announced it has partnered with Gold Global SA to launch the „DaVinci Gold“ token.

French company Worldline is committed to driving popular adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital payment systems. Thus, Europe’s largest digital payment service provider already signed a memorandum of understanding in this direction together with Bitcoin Suisse at the end of 2019. BTC-ECHO reported.

Now, the company announced that it has entered into a partnership with Gold Global SA to launch the so-called „DaVinci Gold“ token. In its 19 January press release, Worldline Crypto Investor wrote that Gold Global would offer its DaVinci Gold token based on Worldline’s stablecoin management infrastructure. This initiative, Worldline says, highlights „the power of Worldine’s digital asset management (DAM) platform“. Furthermore, the initiative supports the company on its path „to a leading market position in the stablecoin and blockchain sector“.

Listed company Worldline’s Innovation Executive Advisor Nicolas Kozakiewicz said that „blockchain technology was originally developed to provide exactly this kind of service and facilitate the native exchange of digital assets between participants.“ It is precisely this technology, he said, that brings „increased security, administrability and the necessary transparency, with complete automation“.

We strongly believe in the success of our model and that other stablecoins will follow our example

Moreover, we are confident that our DaVinci tokens, which are gold-backed digital cash, will reconcile the two different worlds of fiat currencies and decentralised cryptocurrencies and lead the way for other tokens and possibly digital central bank money.

With Worldline, Kinsbourg added, Gold Global had found a suitable „partner with industry-ready blockchain projects“.