Charys Olivera leaves Stratum Group companies

One of the most influential people in the cryptoactive market in Brazil, the entrepreneur Charys Oliveira is no longer part of the Stratum Group of Rocelo Lopes

The entrepreneur and one of the most influential women in the cryptoactive market in Brazil, Charys Oliveira, announced her departure from the Stratum Group.

Oliveira was part of the group formed by StratumX, CoinBR and also other companies in the cryptoactive sector in Brazil, for years.

„After 6 years of dedication and many achievements at the head of our operations and marketing strategies team, Stratum Blockchain Tech announces that Charys Oliveira, Chief Operations Officer, ended in October his brilliant leadership within Crypto Wealth and Stratum. We thank you for your professionalism and commitment in building what we are today, and wish you all the success in your trajectory and new projects“, Stratum highlighted in a note to Cointelegraph.

The entrepreneur revealed to the Cointelegraph that she will dedicate herself to other projects, but still connected to the world of cryptoactives.

This way, according to Oliveira, one of the projects she has been dedicating herself to is the production of content directed to women the @compranavolta

„Well, they were very intense and very rewarding years. But some time ago I felt the need to start again and after the market downturns at the beginning of the year, we started a process of passing the baton and as always transparent and in accordance with the time of the company, finally the farewell day arrived. Now it is believing that the market still reserves good surprises for me,“ he said.